We Are Scientists prepare to take Tiger Mountain

We Are Scientists prepare to take Tiger Mountain image

Tuesday nights are usually just that, plain old uneventful evenings that leave you wishing for the ever-distant weekend. That'll all change this Tuesday night though, if (and only if) you decide to go see We Are Scientists at Tiger Mountain. Hot off the heels of releasing a new album and on the road for their big 2016 tour, these guys are ready to rock your socks off and bring the weekend to you.

W.A.S. formed in the year 2000 and have been putting out absolute jams ever since. Their fifth studio album Helter Seltzer came out last month and keeps up the catchy and slightly witty tone the group is known for. Founding members Keith Murray and Chris Cain have enough cool for the whole world to go around, so don't be surprised if some of it rubs off on you while attending.

Up close and personal will be the environment in which the show will take place, thanks to the snug atmosphere Tiger Mountain offers. At 12 bucks a ticket, this is definitely not a show you want to miss out on and should jump on buying tickets as quick as your fingers can get to clicking.

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