One wild Sunday night with Jimmy Eat World

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It's no surprise that The Orange Peel's box office had a piece of paper taped to its window emblazoned with the words “Sold Out” on it for Sunday night's Jimmy Eat World concert. I mean, who doesn't like these guys? The presence of AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad) as the openers only solidified the sheer awesomeness that was going to be this show. 

The venue was busy as all get-out when AJJ emerged in front of the excitable crowd. Cheers let out through the air as the cult status band took their respective places on stage. Without hesitation, frontman Sean Bonnette led everyone into the first song of the night. The group's wild energy immediately infected everyone within the walls of the Peel.

Bouncing, jumping, and singing quickly became the norm of the floor. New songs and old songs alike slipped their way into AJJ's set, with the old favorites receiving the most glee. After a healthy amount of tunes, AJJ said their goodbyes and headed backstage with large amounts of applause following behind. This was the part of the evening where my stomach flipped a little because I realized “Holy cow, I'm actually going to get to see Jimmy Eat World next.” 

I surely wasn't the only one with the happily anxious feeling in my stomach as time went on during the intermission. Any second now the lights would dim and the legends of my youth would march on out—and then it happened. Atmospheric ambient music set the tone for the band's arrival to the stage, but the screams of joy brought on by the shadowy silhouettes walking up from right stage were really all you could hear. 

There they were in all their glory: Jimmy Eat World at The Orange Peel touring on their ninth studio album together. Let's rock. After kicking off their set with a song from their newest release, they went right into “Bleed American” and the whole venue lost it. They sounded so solid and looked so cool while doing it, it all felt super dreamy.

Even when they played everyone's favorite slow burner “Hear You Me,” the night's energy stayed tightly cranked all the way to 11. A hearty setlist saw the band traveling through hits from their 24 years of being a band. When it all came to an end, everybody knew there'd be a kick ass encore. Which there was. 

Exploding back on stage with their biggest hit “The Middle,” the encore gave fans their last few tasty drops of the deliciousness that was Jimmy Eat World. Closing the night out on the hard-hitting jam “Sweetness” was the best way to finish the show. I had to take a deep breath before walking out to truly soak up the moment. Here's to another 24 years of music Jimmy Eat World! 

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