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Holden Mesk, writer for Asheville Music Guide, interviewed drummer Grant Wallace from Atlanta based rock band BABY BABY. Wallace had lots to say about the band's recent album, staying in Justin Bieber's mansion, and the importance of lawn care. Catch their show at New Mountain this Sunday, October 23rd with support from CrumbSnatchers!

1. What's up Grant!? If this was an in-person interview I would give you a high five at this point, but since it's over email you'll have to imagine that I just gave you the best high five of your life. Can you envision it?

E - Five! It has been envisioned and it’s on the way to being conceived. If Rick and Morty has taught me anything, there is an alternate universe right now where we are actually having this interview in person. That and our percussionist Colin has a penis growing out of his head.

2. So you guys are on tour right now for your most recent album, Semi Famous, and I've been listening to the album over the past couple weeks and it sounds like what I want all my parties to feel like. Can you talk about the inspiration for the album and the vibes you wanted the album to convey? 

We called it Semi Famous just to poke fun at our "fame." We're not famous, but sometimes we feel just a little semi famous which is a fun feeling. So the inspiration for the album is to keep going after that fun feeling. We were joking about putting out a follow up EP called quasi famous, and another one called pseudo famous.

3. This is your third album together and you've all been in the music game for a hot minute, what has been the craziest show you've ever played?

Psh, that's a great question. But the crazier it got, the less we are going to remember! Booze usually has a big part in the party factor. Let’s see: one time a car ran into the building across from the venue we were playing mid song. We've had the cops called on us for playing shirtless/pantless. Been banned from a venue in Atlanta. Stayed in Justin Bieber's mansion once for a show with bad religion. Um, did 2 months on Warped Tour in an AC-less RV. OH! And played a couple Asheville shows to 2-5 people. So we're expecting this particular show to reach maybe 3-7 peeps. Dream big! Last time we played Asheville was dope though, opened for Fishbone.

4. This question is generic but I'm curious, why the name BABY BABY?

It's funny you should ask that because I just found this video I made a few years ago. Enjoy!

5. You guys got to share the stage with Run The Jewels, was that a super awesome experience? Is Killer Mike as cool in real life as I think he'd be?

Yeah and so is Jaime (el-P). I have a fond memory of passing out in the bus we shared and woke up in a state I wasn't suppose to be in. Mike just laughed it off and we had breakfast together. Good times. Later on I caught back up with the guys but it makes for a better story if I just say that I'm still on the bus with them now writing up this email hiding in a back bunk.

6. If you guys could choose to play a show with three other music artists who would you pick?

Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor and BABY BABY. In this scenario we are back in another alternate universe where we actually get to see ourselves watching us play from the crowd. It's weird. Very weird. We see each other but it’s just a little too dark out in the crowd to tell if we actually saw ourselves or just a doppelganger. When the lights go up, we make eye contact and just stare into each other’s eyes. We break contact...END SCENE.

7. When you're not writing songs and out on the road, is it true that you run a lawn care business that specializes in all of Atlanta's lawn care needs?

Lol yep, started my lawn care business earlier this year after a show in Charleston. I was exhausted (also the name of a song off our new record) and I told myself to get in better shape so I posted up an ad of me online surfing a lawn mower. 4 months later it's my full time job outside the band and I'm loving life.

8. Anything else you want to add?

Follow us! We're semi famous after all! Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all the same. I personally respond to everyone so if I don't, call me out and I'll give you a free CD. Yeah, aren't you glad you read this far? @babybabyblows

9. Well sweet, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions over the world wide web! I'm stoked to see y'all at New Mountain this Sunday. This would be the part of the interview where I'd give you a very firm and professional business handshake, but again you'll just have to use your imagination.

Thank you! See ya soon!

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