Gettin' Wild at The Orange Peel

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It might've not been sold out, but the energy and good vibes in The Orange Peel on Thursday night for the Wild Nothing and Small Black show more than made up for the empty floor space. The two dreamy bands have been touring together since October, and made their way to Asheville this week for a night of spacey synths and shimmering guitars. 

First up on the night's bill of music was Brooklyn's Small Black. They strutted out on stage and took their respective places and right away lead the venue into “No One Wants It To Happen to You” off of last year's Best Blues album. Frontman Josh Kolenik looked cool as ever in a brimmed hat and black button down shirt as he crooned his way through each dazzling song.

Before their last couple of songs they made a statement on the recent results from the election and made it clear that they as a band don't stand for bigotry of any sort. This drew a big applause from the crowd and made their performance that much cooler—not only do they rock, they care! They played their last couple of songs, the bright stage lights danced around the foggy atmosphere, and then it was time for Wild Nothing. 

Everybody applauded when Jack Tatum, the man behind Wild Nothing, appeared on stage with the rest of the band. They started their performance with a song from their 2012 sophomore album Nocturne and signaled to the concertgoers that their set list would be varied and span their entire music catalog. Hallelujah! Everyone proceeded to get lost in the atmospheric haze that was Wild Nothing.

Peppering in some songs from their new album Life of Pause here and there, the majority of their set was mostly dominated by the classics. The head bobbing and dancing crowd didn't seem to mind. At one point Tatum noted how it had been since 2012 since they last played here and expressed his love for our city. An encore, a thumping finale, and sweaty fans hoarding the merch table summed up the close of the evening. Come back soon guys!

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*All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide*