Everybody Dance Now

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Even on a chilly Wednesday night, the crowd was already warmed up for Local Natives. The delighted fans at The Orange Peel were already dancing and mingling as opener Little Scream took the stage. Laurel Sprengelmeyer aka Little Scream quickly worked the audience into a funky frenzy with her cool moves, expert guitar skills and overall amazing stage presence. After lifting everyone up with her extremely catchy tunes and messages of love, she bid the peeps adieu and headed backstage.

Next up were the dudes we'd all been waiting for. Local Natives had arrived and were immediately welcomed with excited screams and applause. The stage lights colorfully illuminated the stage as they started right in with crowdpleasers. The band was upbeat and energetic as they asked the crowd if they were ready to dance a little bit. That was all we needed to really start getting down. Adoring fans were jumping around and singing along to every song. The good vibes were already intoxicating.

They did a great job of mixing old songs with new material from their 2016 release Sunlit Youth. With some bands it seems like the audience loses their focus and energy when newer material is introduced, but that definitely wasn't the case this time. This really speaks volumes of the band's tunes, that it seems to blend seamlessly together and never loses its steam. Local Natives have a way of keeping the crowd hyped up and excited—maybe because they're just as excited to be playing as the crowd is to be listening.

Taylor Rice, the band's vocalist and bassist, took the show's energy into serious overdrive when he came out onto the dance floor and later did some crowd surfing. The intense interaction with their fans really made for a unique and personal experience. You felt like you were an active part of the show, not just watching it. 

As the unforgettable night came to a close, the audience all seemed to be in a euphoric dance party induced daze. We had swayed and grooved ourselves senseless and were all ready to make our way out into the chilly night to cool off and dream of the mind blowing show we had all just experienced. Sweet dreams, Local Natives. We'll see ya next time. 

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide