Black Marble and Body Of Light bring the coolness

Black Marble and Body Of Light bring the coolness  image

This past Tuesday night at the Mothlight was a nonstop dance party. You can always count on the Haywood Rd. venue to deliver interesting acts in a comfortable atmosphere, and Tuesday night was definitely no different. Black Marble and Body of Light came together for a stunning night of ultra-cool music.

First up was Body of Light, a duo of brothers from Tempe, AZ. The band expertly set the tone for the show with leather gloves, a single silver earring and all black clothing. The mood was dark and gloomy as the pair took the stage. The Mothlight turned into an industrial paradise as lights flashed across the venue, setting the scene for an incredible show that you could truly get lost in.

The drum machine fired up and got the crowd bobbing their heads in unison. The party was underway and the bass was thumping as vocalist Alex hooked the audience with his perfectly hypnotic dance moves. The pair not only put on an impressive stage performance, but they also captured the essence of their latest release Let Me Go perfectly: deeply moody with a twist of '80s glamour. A seriously refreshing and satisfying set from these guys—with a quick thank you to the crowd, they headed offstage.

Next up was Black Marble, and the crowd could hardly wait. Black Marble's sound complimented Body of Light's in such a natural way, and Chris Stewart is nothing short of a genius. Having written and recorded his latest release It's Immaterial all by himself, it really was a pleasure to be able to see him perform his work live. Channeling Joy Division's bassist Peter Hook, his stage presence was raw and masterful.

He teased the crowd with some old favorites from A Different Arrangement and got the nostalgic energy flowing. The performance was laid back but powerful, with a few moments of humor. An audience member screamed out “Play another song!” Stewart laughed and said “Yeah, I get that a lot.” Even though we wished it would last forever, the show had to come to a close. After having just spent the night in what felt like a goth club circa 1986, it was time to return to reality. Until next time. Stay cool, guys.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide