Aesop Rock and friends bring the noise

Aesop Rock and friends bring the noise image

Big and bodacious, Aesop Rock's performance at The Orange Peel on Monday night was one for the record books. The large crowd was hyped up and ready to party all night long with the Portland, Oregon rapper and his posse. Touring on last year's The Impossible Kid album, Aesop Rock pulled out all the stops for Asheville.

The venue was already pretty full when opener Homeboy Sandman took the stage to kick off the night's hip hop festivities. The New York rapper may have just been slated to be the appetizer, but it turns out he brought the energy of an entree. Dropping crazy tracks like “America The Beautiful” right from the get-go amped things up real fast, and the crowd was bouncing in no time.

Equally amazing to Sandman's skills was the way the stage was set-up. A booth in the middle served as the throne for DJ Zone, which was flanked by an intentionally cheesy campground theme. Plastic animals, a fake campfire, and cartoonish tree props brought the whole night together. There's nothing like watching some of your favorite rappers go hard while standing next to a stiff plastic deer. 

When Aesop Rock emerged from the back, the cheers that rang through the air of the Peel were deafening. His fans were in the building for sure, and they were not hiding how excited they were to be there. After greeting the front row with a handful of high fives, Aesop introduced himself and fellow rapper Rob Sonic. DJ Zone kept on keeping on behind the two of them. 

Not wasting anytime, Aesop wooed the crowd with some bangers off of his newest album. Classics were interspersed throughout and not overlooked, which is important when you've been making music for 20 years. Speaking on his age, Aesop made sure to tell the crowd that he's turning 40 on this tour and that he's constantly living in the moment and staying thankful. Right on.

Mind blowing rhyme after mind blowing rhyme, Aesop kept the good vibes up until the end. After the show he chilled out by the bar for a bit to chat with fans—does it get any cooler? His genuine personality makes his music that much more legit, and all those that came out for the night got to bask in the glow of his goodness. 

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*All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide*