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Hungry for good music? Have a Midnight Snack

Asheville art pop band gets ready for a show at ISIS

Everything cool always happens on Saturday nights, and Midnight Snack's show at ISIS Restaurant and Music Hall will be no different. Actually, I take that back, because it'll probably be a tad bit cooler than the typical Satuday night. Carly Taich and DJ Walkhome will open the night to round out the roster on what will end up being a very fantabulous evening of music and fun. 

An evening with Don Gallardo and The Battlefield

ISIS Music Hall hosts two americana music greats

Up close and personal doesn't just describe the space in which Don Gallardo and The Battlefield played in on Sunday night, it also illustrates the depth and passion that's found within the two artists' music. ISIS Restaurant and Music Hall proudly presented the folky musicians in their upstairs lounge to a sold out room of people. It was a full throttle hootenanny of good times and good music.

The Battlefield & Don Gallardo set up to play ISIS

Prepare for a night of acoustic americana at its finest

This Sunday evening, ISIS Restaurant & Music Hall will host two well known figures in the world of americana music. Don Gallardo and his smart style of country opens the show, followed by up and coming musicians The Battlefield. If you or someone you know appreciates the art of songwriting then this is one show that's not to be missed.

An evening with Cass McCombs

Silky smooth songs on a Sunday night at The Mothlight
A wild head of hair isn't the only crazy thing about Steve Marion, the New Jersey based multi-instrumentalist who goes by the moniker Delicate Steve. From the time him and his band were on stage to the time they stepped off, it was a nonstop romp of straight up fun and driving rhythms that made your ears happy.

Hiss Golden Messenger lights up The Mothlight

An uplifting evening of music in West Asheville
An orange light spread its warmth across the front of Taylor's denim shirt as they went into their first song. The crowd immediately started feeling the music, with all eyes transfixed on the stage and all shoulders swaying side to side. A solid mix of old favorites along with new jams from this month's album Heart Like a Levee permeated the first part of the performance.

Cass McCombs is Asheville bound

The talented musician gets ready to woo The Mothlight
Over the past decade, McCombs has been honing his abilities and releasing a wide array of equally meaningful albums and songs. From his first EP back in 2002 to his most recent Mangy Love album this year, McCombs has shown his shifting styles and documented his growth with his deep lyrics and spaciously soft songwriting.

Thank You Frankie Cosmos

The 22-year-old singer/songwriter makes Asheville swoon
Kline perfectly delivered just the right mix of songs from her extensive catalog of uniquely vulnerable and catchy ballads. The crowd was all collectively in Frankie Cosmos bliss. At one point the band even treated the devoted concertgoers to a choreographed dance routine that sent the crowd into fits of applause and laughter.


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