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Black Marble and Body Of Light bring the coolness

The Mothlight + these bands = perfect combo

This past Tuesday night at the Mothlight was a nonstop dance party. You can always count on the Haywood Rd. venue to deliver interesting acts in a comfortable atmosphere, and Tuesday night was definitely no different. Black Marble and Body of Light came together for a stunning night of ultra-cool music.

Black Marble descend upon The Mothlight

Joined by Body Of Light, the Mothlight will transform into an '80s industrial club

This upcoming Tuesday night, you better get ready to dance. The Mothlight is hosting two super synthy bands for one night of pure musical pleasure. Black Marble and Body Of Light will be in the house to whet your '80s whistle and get your head bobbing. The combo of these bands together is gonna be a dark and moody dance party that you'll never want to end.

A spiritual night at The Mothlight with Avey Tare

The experimental musician's Tuesday night performance goes deep

The lights were dimmed, but that was about the only ordinary thing occurring at The Mothlight this past Tuesday evening. Animal Collective founding member David Portner was doing a solo show under his Avey Tare moniker and blowing everyone's minds. Opener Sugar Cat even kicked the evening off with some guided meditation to get the crowd into the right headspace. 

Avey Tare headed to The Mothlight

This is a show you can't miss

Avey Tare AKA David Michael Portner is set to jam out at The Mothlight on Thursday night. You may know him best as a co-founder for the experimental pop band Animal Collective. He's also done quite a bit of work with fellow Animal Collective member Panda Bear AKA Noah Lennox. His solo album Down There is a true work of genius and has gained a massive cult following since its release in 2010. 

Let's talk Midnight Snack

We talk Mario Kart, tacos, and music with the Asheville band ahead of their single release show

This Saturday night at The Mothlight, Asheville's very own Midnight Snack are having a big ol' party to celebrate the release of their killer new single. "Shadow Chaser" just dropped a couple days ago and has consistently made me smile every time I've listened to it. I got a chance to interview the band about the upcoming show, their travel situation when on tour, and their favorite place to eat here in our fair city!

Cohen and Shauf show off

The Mothlight welcomes dreamy rockers to Asheville

The mood was relaxed and warm on Haywood Rd. Saturday night as Chris Cohen and Andy Shauf graced the stage at the Mothlight. The sizable crowd was already giddy and grinning with anticipation as Chris Cohen and his band stepped out into the gauzy pink stage lights. With a steady gaze and a killer backing drumbeat, the show was underway. 

New Songs and Tasty Burritos

Goodnight, Texas and Bombadil play The Mothlight

The chilly Thursday evening air was made a little warmer thanks to Goodnight, Texas and Bombadil's show at The Mothlight. The December 1st event in West Asheville marked the start of the tour that is set to travel its way up the East Coast. Goodnight, Texas got to play Asheville for the first time and Bombadil got to play some new songs off of their forthcoming album—a wonderful night of firsts. 

Andy Shauf and Chris Cohen at The Mothlight

The two musicians head to Asheville

Saturday night will see two powerhouse acts come to The Mothlight in West Asheville. Andy Shauf and Chris Cohen are currently on a worldwide tour to bring their songwriting and multi-instrumental talents to the ears of anyone who wants to listen. Listen you should, because these two boys know their stuff when it comes to crafting elegantly deep and pleasant musical stories. 

Ring in December by seeing Bombadil and Goodnight, Texas

Start the final month of 2016 on the right foot

What better way to kick off the last month of 2016 than with an uproarious night of music and fun at The Mothlight? Bands Bombadil and Goodnight, Texas want to make sure that before all the holiday stress and New Year's resolutions you're able to kick back and get folky. The Thursday night show features both artists doing what they do best.

Get wise to the wonders of Weyes Blood

Read up before her Saturday night performance in West Asheville

Weyes Blood is making her way to The Mothlight tomorrow evening to present her unique approach to folk music. Natalie Mering is the face of the project and comes to Asheville hot off the heels of her October album Front Row Seat To Earth. Saturday night's performance will be one of a few specially selected shows before she jets off to Europe. 


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