Animal Collective makes The Orange Peel glow

Good vibes galore at the sold out Sunday night performance by the experimental act
Sunday night in downtown Asheville is usually the time when the always bustling businesses and frantic sidewalks of the city get a slight breather from the heavy hustle and bustle of the past week. Not this past Sunday night though, Animal Collective was in town and Asheville was ready to welcome them.

All hail Animal Collective

The experimental music Gods head to Asheville to play a sold out show at The Orange Peel
When it comes to naming one specific band of the past decade who has defined experimental music in the modern day it would be hard for Animal Collective not to come to mind. The Baltimore, Maryland foursome has tinkered with a host of genres, ranging from freak folk, noise rock, ambient drone, and of course psychedelia.

Why music Mr. Sutherland?

Kiefer Sutherland brings his gruff baritone and country twang to Asheville
I had one question for Kiefer Sutherland, well really I had two, but there was one serious question I wanted to ask him prior to his show Thursday night at The Orange Peel. Why music?

The Alabama Shakes take Asheville to Church

Brittany Howard and her band brought the soul, the funk, the rock and everything else in between for a great crowd Tuesday night.
I once heard Jeff Tweedy banter to a crowd that, “going to a rock concert is a lot like going to church,” and he’s right in some respects. The analogy isn’t meant to create some overzealous comparison of music to a higher power, but more so the act of bringing people together and occasionally raising up in a singular voice.

Ready, Set, Riff Raff

Smoke cannons, loud speakers, and a ridiculously buff DJ set the tone for the rapper's booming performance.
This past Tuesday night, the usually laid back vibe of downtown Asheville was overtaken by a storm of loud beats, wacky rhymes, and extensive references to purple drank. Who was behind it all? None other than the flashy rap icon, Riff Raff.

Nobody loves Asheville like They Might Be Giants do

The Brooklyn alt-rockers openly confess their love for Asheville in a lively Orange Peel performance
Travel magazines, morning talk shows, and your friend's uncle admiringly rave on and on about how cool Asheville is and how much they like it—but John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants fame are here to officially set the record straight on who really, truly loves Asheville the most.


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