William Elliott Whitmore does things a bit differently

William Elliott Whitmore does things a bit differently image

Music venues make up a large part of what makes a show great. The people and the environment are two crucial elements that play into a show that have the power to make it the best night ever—or the worst. Thanks to New Mountain, Tuesday night's William Elliott Whitmore show was something magically awesome.

The doors opened at 7, but the party got going at 8:30 when opener Josiah Leming from Josiah and The Bonnevilles fame took the stage. Armed with just his acoustic guitar, a harmonica, and his soulful lyrics, Leming strummed his heart out to the healthily sized crowd. Songs about his childhood, his crazy friends, and life on the road got the crowd stomping their feet and wooing.

After a quick thank you to the crowd from Leming after his set, it was onto William Elliott Whitmore and his soothing style of folk music. He pulled up a chair and settled in with his banjo—then the hootenanny began. The venue filled out with happy concertgoers that could be seen toasting to Whitmore's energetic intro tunes.

After a few songs the unthinkable happened, the music stopped and Whitmore wiped his forehead with a cloth. Fear not New Mountain crowd, little did we know the show was just beginning. Whitmore politely asked the crowd if they wanted to all go outside and appreciate his music from there. Needless to say, the crowd answered back with a cheer and it was onto the great outdoors.

The great outdoors was actually just the outside smoking area of New Mountain, but the vibes out there just as easily could have been seen at a cozy campfire in the middle of the woods. Sitting on a picnic table with a few bottles of beer at his side, Whitmore performed the rest of his set outside surrounded by a circle of stoked fans.

As cop cars could be heard in the distance, the organic sounds of a city at night, Whitmore's smooth voice rambled on over his banjo. In between songs he shared stories, and remarked at how the night would be one he wouldn't soon forget. I think everyone else was thinking the same thing.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm
$12.00 - $15.00