Whitney warms up The Orange Peel

Whitney warms up The Orange Peel image

This past Friday night was a truly remarkable one, and we have The Orange Peel's stellar lineup to thank. Asheville was lucky enough to have two crazy talented acts all wrapped up in one perfect show: Sun Seeker and Whitney. The youthful crowd was pleasant and the warm Spring night was a great backdrop for the cozy tunes we were all about to enjoy.

The quickly growing audience was already a healthy size as opening act Sun Seeker took the stage. The Tennessee outfit was complete with lap steel guitar and organ as they headed into their first song. Their classic Nashville sound was apparent and very much appreciated by the crowd. The wonderfully twangy guitars and steady rolling drums really set the tone for the whole night.

This crew was like a perfect blend of country classics like Waylon Jennings and modern indie favorites Fleet Foxes. Their heartfelt songwriting and vocal style are as exceptional as they are soothing. These guys are insanely talented, but they're nothing if not humble. After thanking everyone for showing up and being so supportive, they headed offstage to take photos with fans and chat at the merch table. Next up were Chicago darlings, Whitney. The pumped crowd was in full swing now and the place was totally packed.

Their stage set up was immediately impressive, even before the group even walked out. Trumpets and sets of guitars in the back, with the drum set and microphone front and center. Lead singer Julien Ehrlich is also the drummer for the band, displaying colossal control of both his signature vocal ability and rhythm.

Their songs are uniquely downbeat with a genuine and melancholic feel. Julien asked the crowd if they were there with anyone they loved and was met with cheers and clapping. He then said “Well this song is about when you guys break up, but you still follow them on Instagram and think about the past a lot,” they then broke into fan favorite “Golden Days.” Somehow with the glimmer of the trumpets and enthusiasm of the band, the entire performance still managed to feel totally wholesome and uplifting.

Whitney gave the crowd a seriously robust set that left us all satisfied but sad to see them go. Both bands left a lingering feeling of musical euphoria as the floor began to clear out. It's not often that you see two bands so perfectly made for each other, but when you get such a cohesive and solid night, you'll remember it forever.

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All photos by Holden Mesk