A weekend getaway with Al Petteway

A weekend getaway with Al Petteway  image

Last Sunday night at ISIS Music Hall the upstairs dining room not only got to enjoy great food but also got to enjoy great music. Al Petteway was there to play a super relaxed set of tunes to the sold out room of fans, friends, and family. With a freshly shaven face, Petteway wasted no time in showing off his super skilled guitar work.

After a sweet introduction, Petteway told the crowd how the show would be a very laid back one full experimentation and fun. “I'm actually just going to sit down up here and you all can eat your dinner and I'll just do my thing,” Petteway said. “I wanna try out some new things too!” He then went right into the first song of the evening and demonstrated his hypnotizing fingerwork. 

The crowd was transfixed and were nodding their heads along with Petteway's beautiful meandering songs. Loud applause met the end of every tune, and Petteway shared stories and discussed the backgrounds of songs in between. He spoke about how him and his wife have wildlife cameras on their property and they see bears often—sure enough he had a song about an encounter he had with one of the mama bears and her cub.

Overall the entire evening was filled with good spirits and amazing musical talent thanks to Al Petteway. It really did feel like you were just over at a friends house where Al happened to be playing his acoustic guitar and sharing his talents with everyone. The warm cozy vibes of ISIS, the clinking wine glasses, and the soothing strums from Petteway made the Sunday night show a memorable one.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide