Tycho and Phantogram light up the night

Tycho and Phantogram light up the night  image

It was a quintessential summer night of chill music, good beer, and fun times thanks to Tycho and Phantogram at Highland Brewing. The secluded venue felt like a dream from the moment you got onto the property, with nature surrounding the hustling and bustling grounds that were hosting the two musicians. 

The lines for the food trucks that were serving up delicious fare to the hungry show goers were just starting to form when Heathered Pearls kicked off the evening with a lively DJ set. Thumping underground nineties club hits filled the air and energized the growing crowd of people, it already felt like the coolest party ever and it was only the opener.

When it came time for Heathered Pearls to end his set he thanked everyone for just letting him play some of his favorite tracks and have fun. He walked off stage and Tycho's crew immediately swooped in to begin setting up for their turn to jam. The intermission allowed everyone there to fully take in their surroundings and get cozy. The sun was setting and people were settling in to the space—whether that be laying out a blanket, setting up their hammock, or rooting their feet into the grass in front of the stage. 

Tycho came out to big cheers from the audience and looked super sleek with every member except for founder Scott Hansen decked out in black dress shirts and black jeans—Hansen was wearing all white. With trippy visuals playing on a screen behind them, the band wasted no time getting into the rhythmic downtempo tunes they are known and loved for. 

The outside setting complimented the music so well it was unreal, with the big pine trees swaying in the wind as birds flew overhead. Playing fan favorites from every album Tycho has released to date ensured that everybody there would be able to get a taste of everything the Californian musician had to offer. With the sun quickly setting in the distance, Tycho gave their goodbyes and made way for the next act.

The night was cooling off, but the show was just heating up, It was finally time for Phantogram. The New York duo made quick work of whipping the adoring crowd into a total frenzy. Frontwoman Sarah Barthel really got the night going with her powerful voice and strong stage presence. Everyone was dancing and singing, we even had a few rogue hula hoopers join in on the fun.

Song after song, the energy stayed cranked up to 11. Towards the end of their set someone handed Barthel a puppy that she promptly held up on the stage Lion King style which made everyone lose their minds. The puppy truly was the cherry on top to the fun night of outdoor music festivities that will surely be remembered as one of the best nights of music that 2017 had to offer.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide