A smooth night of music at The Altamont Theatre

A smooth night of music at The Altamont Theatre image

Thursday night's show at The Altamont Theatre was truly one to remember. On a cold and rainy Asheville night this venue is a perfectly cozy oasis. The soft stage lighting and comfortable seating set the course for a very relaxing and mellow night. What better way to spend a dreary, drizzly evening than with a glass of wine listening to two amazing performers in a beautiful local venue?

First up was Atlanta native Molly Parden. Her unique blend of classic Nashville sound and thoughtful lyrics immediately captured the audience's full attention. Armed with a guitar and an effortlessly stunning voice, Parden shattered the audience's hearts over and over again with each new song she performed. 

Parden joked that this was her first show in over a month and warned the crowd that they were getting the “unpracticed real” her, but she was steady, skillful and all around incredibly charming and warm. Her songwriting style is genuine and heartfelt and her guitar playing style is simple and beautiful. Such an awesome performance.

Next to grace the stage was Peter Bradley Adams. His dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, he addressed the wildly clapping crowd with a smile. Adams has an undeniable stage presence that the whole theatre could instantly feel and appreciate the moment he walked onstage. His performance was subtle but powerful all at once. For a few songs he even got Molly back out onstage to perform with him and together they made a seriously talented duo.

Overall both performances felt deeply personal and confessional, but were really fun and left you feeling like you had just experienced something unforgettable. If you came to the show liking these performers, you left as their new #1 fan. We'll see you next time, guys!

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*all images by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide*

Thursday, February 2, 2017
8:00 pm
$15 adv. / $18 d.o.s. / $25 VIP (guaranteed seating in 1st three rows!)