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All the way from California, RIVVRS played a cozy show at New Mountain to a dimly lit room of music lovers. Brandon Zahursky is the man behind the name, and his kind gentle spirit stood tall as he rocked out on his acoustic guitar. The night got off to a slow start, but eventually ended up with hearty rounds of applause meeting the end of each of his songs. 

Upon walking in before the show got started, Zahursky could be seen casually sitting at the bar conversing. This imagery sums up the night pretty well, with warm friendly vibes being the overarching tone of the tunes and people. Colorful lights illuminated the front of the dimly lit stage area where Zahursky strolled onto when the clock struck showtime. 

Without wasting any time, Zahursky broke right into his first song. His fiery voice is soft just as much as it is forceful, and pairs perfectly with each meaningful guitar strum. Songs from his new album Unfamiliar Skin from earlier this year rang through the air, with a few nice covers peppered in. Green Day and Drake got their turn at a RIVVRS rendition and the crowd loved it.

After playing a heartfelt song about his recently deceased grandmother, the crowd clapped loud. Speaking of the crowd, there was lots of love and hooting and hollering after each song. Some friends of Zahursky were there right up in front and were recently engaged. Love vibes were in the air at New Mountain, and RIVVRS was right in the center of it. Everyone went off into the November evening feeling happy and inspired.

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*all photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide*