Ready, Set, Riff Raff

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This past Tuesday night, the usually laid back vibe of downtown Asheville was overtaken by a storm of loud beats, wacky rhymes, and extensive references to purple drank. Who was behind it all? None other than the flashy rap icon, Riff Raff.

Fifteen minutes before showtime, The Orange Peel was only a quarter of the way full. X's marked the hands of the majority of the people hoarded around the front of the stage, their excitement noticeably cranked to 11.

When the clock struck 9, the start of the show, Riff Raff was nowhere to be seen. The minutes kept ticking away as the floor of the venue started to fill out. A tangible tension could slightly be felt in the air as people were checking their phones to make sure they got the starting time right.

45 minutes after the original set showtime, the lights abruptly clicked off. Out of the darkness, a sharp LCD screen lit up and the crowd was introduced to the “Biggest Muscle DJ” in the game. All weird feelings in the crowd from Riff Raff being late were quickly erased as the buff DJ hyped up the crowd before the man of the hour took the stage.

Decked out in a purple tank top with a graphic of his pet husky Jody and a camo bucket hat, Riff Raff had an explosive entrance to the stage helped by four smoke cannons that shot off as he went into his first song. The crowd went wild.

After the first three tracks, Riff Raff took a break to thank everyone for coming out and informed the audience of his special love for North Carolina. “The Beef Brisket of America” is how the 34-year-old rapper lovingly classified our fine state, a joke that was met with lots of laughter.

The rest of the show was a full force, high energy romp. Concertgoers lost their minds to each song and were bouncing, grinding, and rapping right along to all of the hard hitting tracks. At one point a song was briefly paused to adjust the speakers to their max volume. Riff Raff wasn't messing around.

The last three songs played were his most known and viral tracks, with “Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz” being the final sendoff for the night. The crowd was unexpectedly doused with three water bottles thrown off the stage to add to the last little smidgen of The Orange Peel rap party.

In the end, despite being late to his own show, Riff Raff gave the crowd his all and the crowd did the same right back. Even the lone police officer who was monitoring the night's activities managed to crack a smile at the finale.

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