A purrfect night with Thundercat

A purrfect night with Thundercat image

Tuesday night at The Orange Peel was a big ol' party of funk thanks to Thundercat and his backing band. There was truly no better way to welcome the chilly temperatures of Fall than with Stephen Bruner's warm, bass-alicious musical prowess. Openers Saco & Uno and PBDY got the night's good vibes off to a great start, and when Thundercat took the stage shortly after the evening was in full swing.

When Bruner greeted the crowd he asked if they were all ready to go down the rabbit hole. The audience all cheered, and then Bruner (armed with a massive guitar) let it rip. A mind bending foray into an alternate universe of funk permeated the air of The Orange Peel and everyone was loving it. Songs blended together flawlessly from this point on, with Bruner's backing band not missing a beat.

New songs, old songs, experimental jam sessions–this show had it all. It was loud as heck too, but nobody seemed to mind that much because the music was so right. At one point the whole crowd was meowing along with Bruner, and it was truly a magical moment. The fun went on late into the night and it's no surprise that everyone went home with a full heart and happy ears. This show was truly what it's all about: good times, great music, and meowing at the top of your lungs.

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Photo by Asheville Music Guide