Peter Hook & The Light go all out at The Orange Peel

Peter Hook & The Light go all out at The Orange Peel image

There was no opener Monday night at The Orange Peel, just pure unadulterated New Order and Joy Division goodness thanks to Peter Hook & The Light. The famed bassist and his band shook the walls of the downtown venue with all the hits from both bands extensive music catalog. Bright lights, lots of dancing, and heavy nostalgia permeated the air.

The lights dimmed and a fairy tale like instrumental played through the speakers near the empty stage when it was officially showtime. After a minute or so of feeling like you were walking into Disneyland, Peter Hook and his band emerged from stage right with a determined stride. “That intro always reminds me of The Wizard of Oz for some reason,” remarked Hook when he took the microphone and picked up his trusty bass guitar. 

When the music started it was hard for it not to pull on your heartstrings. Here was a man who stood right alongside Ian Curtis back as Joy Division, and then would go on to be a part of one of the biggest and best bands of the eighties, New Order—playing right here in Asheville! From the first note of the evening, it was sure to be a powerful night of music.

The band blessed the crowd with hits like “Blue Monday,” “Ceremony,” and “Bizarre Love Triangle” to name a few. Just a quick glance at the crowd after each song started showed the high levels of excitement that were present at the show. The nostalgia played into this, but overall it was just a really amazing effort by the band that made you fall in love with New Order/Joy Division all over again.

It was magical evening of music, and the concertgoers made sure that Hook and his band knew how much they appreciated him being there. When the applause ceased and the house lights came back on it was back to 2016, but for a couple hours we all got the chance to get lost in the sounds of the past. 

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*All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide*