Nobody loves Asheville like They Might Be Giants do

Nobody loves Asheville like They Might Be Giants do image

Travel magazines, morning talk shows, and your friend's uncle admiringly rave on and on about how cool Asheville is and how much they like it—but John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants fame are here to officially set the record straight on who really, truly loves Asheville the most.

When the goofy rock legends first took the stage at The Orange Peel on Thursday night they openly declared how they were “embarrassed” by how much they loved our cool, little mountain town. The laid-back crowd, filled with a healthy mix of diehard fans and newcomers alike, cozily filled the floor as the band went into their first set.

No opening act here, just pure unadulterated TMBG goodness that people accepted with open arms and bobbing heads. A disco ball, a killer light display, and a mirrored live camera feed of the audience projected behind the stage added to the already cheerful atmosphere.

The band jokingly admitted halfway into their first set how they were saving their hits for the second part of the show, but it didn't make a difference to the screaming concertgoers eating up every lyric, strum, and note that resonated into the air. A highlight of the first act was when the band played their deliberately titled “Orange Peel” song, a love letter to the venue and Asheville alike with a shout-out to the French Broad River.

A 20 minute break separated the first part of the show from the second, and after attendees made a trip to the merch area or the bathroom it was right back to soaking up as much TMBG as possible. Hit after hit from the band's extensive music catalog leaped into the ears of the hyped crowd.

Time flew by, and before everyone knew it the band was on their last song and wistfully stating how if they could play a show in Asheville every night they would. When the group walked off stage, the applause hung in the air for a substantial amount of time—an encore was imminent. There they were again, strutting back out on stage and tirelessly thanking the crowd for giving them so much love.

A song or two more, and they disappeared again, but the applause and double-encore encouraging floor stomping did not. Bam! Just like that, the band was summoned back on stage for a second encore performance to satisfy the music hungry crowd. “Birdhouse In Your Soul” echoed through the airy venue as the house lights flicked on to mark the actual, for-real-this-time end of the show.

The concertgoers forced themselves to break out of their They Might Be Giants trance and then it was back to reality. But hey, a reality in which TMBG pours their hearts out to Asheville isn't that bad, right? John and John forever.

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