The Naked and Famous at The Grey Eagle

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Asheville will get a treat tomorrow night thanks to The Naked and Famous playing a show at The Grey Eagle. Joining the indie electronic superstars will be the legendary lo-fi rockers Wavves and blossoming newcomer Luna Shadows. For those unfamiliar with the sounds and vibes of the aforementioned artists, just know that this is a stacked lineup that will not disappoint. 

The debut studio album by The Naked and Famous, Passive Me, Aggressive You, dropped back in 2010 and since then they've been on an upward trajectory of electronic awesomeness. Known for their sprawling multi-layered anthemic jams, The Naked and Famous are well versed in the art of crafting atmospheric and danceable tunes. Their most recent release Simple Forms came out last year and continues the band's trend of putting out solid work. 

Opening acts, Wavves and Luna Shadows, are both from California but have different ways of going about their music. Wavves was formed in 2008 by singer-songwriter Nathan Williams and captures the sun drenched stoner rock vibes of SoCal like nobody else. Luna Shadows on the other hand creates glisteningly lush and pulsing pop soundscapes that are ridiculously catchy. So much awesomeness in one show!

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