Mitski rocks The Grey Eagle

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Psychedelic Furs were blaring through the speakers of The Grey Eagle while people shuffled in to see Mitski this past Tuesday night. The delicious smell of the venue's taqueria wafted through the air and right into the nostrils of the equally food/music hungry attendees. Also on the night's menu was Toronto band Weaves and England's Fear of Men.

The lights dimmed, the once spread out floor of people congregated around the stage, and it was time for Weaves to introduce themselves to The Grey Eagle. Vocalist Jasmyn Burke kept the crowd at full attention with her smashing voice and far-out stage presence. Every other member was playing their hearts out right alongside her, with guitarist Morgan Waters wildly yelling into his guitar pickups at one point.

After showing off the tattoos they got here in Asheville before the show and then proceeding to make the crowd huddle down on the floor campfire style, their set finished with a bang. If anybody in the venue didn't know of Weaves before the show, they definitely did now in the best way possible. The group exited the stage, and after a brief intermission it was time for Fear of Men.

Standing firmly in a backless black dress paired with a spiked choker, Fear of Men vocalist Jess Weiss immediately made her presence known with their first song. Equal parts performance art and live music, her sweeping movements paired with the band's powerfully gloomy energy was a sight to behold. She stressed how pretty Asheville was and how it was their first time here before closing out the show, hopefully they come back sooner rather than later.

When Fear of Men ended their set, it didn't take long for Mitski to pop up on stage right after. With her cool bob haircut crowning her as she let loose kick ass riffs and vocals, Mitski Miyawaki got the whole venue amped up in a matter of no time. Playing songs from her discography dating back to 2012, Miyawaki made every concertgoer happy. She went all out to make the night another memorable one at The Grey Eagle. 

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*All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide*