A legendary night of music

A legendary night of music image

This past Saturday night was truly a memorable one thanks to Explosions In The Sky and Thor & Friends. The spring night was warm and the mood out on The Orange Peel floor was calm. Tonight Asheville was lucky to have some of the most talented and critically acclaimed musicians in the game, and the eagerly awaiting crowd had been waiting all week for this.

Thor & Friends arrived onstage and were welcomed with excited cheers. Thor's stage presence was powerful but restrained as he skillfully banged his xylophone bars along with his bandmates. The unique rhythms and tones they created kept the focused crowd totally enthralled and bobbing their heads throughout the entire set.

Thor introduced his band and let the crowd know that his violinist was actually an Asheville street performer that had been discovered and invited to play this sold out show just hours before the performance was set to begin. The crowd went nuts and gave the local performer a loud and proud round of applause. After a great opening set, Thor thanked the growing audience for all their hospitality and headed offstage.

Next to take the stage were post-rock legends Explosions In The Sky. It's no exaggeration to say this this was going to be the show of a lifetime for many. They arrived to thunderous applause and quickly got down to business. Their soaring, serene sound instantly transformed The Orange Peel into an ambient paradise right before the audience's eyes. Everyone seemed to be transported into a world full of elaborate melodies, crashing drums, and blissfully orchestral guitar work. 

These guys possess some seriously impressive instrumental talent which was showcased in all the crowd's favorites all night long. The performance felt emotional and personal at times, but still maintained a sharp energy that demanded attention. When Explosions in the Sky are performing you just get the feeling that you're in the presence of some otherworldly, next level skill.  It really was a significant show experience that the audience won't soon forget.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide