Jimmy Eat World prepare to play The Orange Peel

 Jimmy Eat World prepare to play The Orange Peel image

Formed in Mesa, Arizona in the early nineties, Jimmy Eat World has always been a band that you can't not like. They seem to contain a secret ingredient in their music that brings on immediate head bobbing and good times. The 4-piece group will play The Orange Peel this Sunday evening with AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad) as the openers. 

With the band name spurred from a crayon drawing, Jimmy Eat World have gone on to put out nine studio albums over their 24 years of being around. Vocalist and lead guitarist Jim Adkins and drummer Zach Lind had been friends since preschool when they decided to rally some more members and try their hand at making music together. Their most recent release Integrity Blues came out last year and shows that the boys are still going strong. 

AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad) are arguably the textbook definition of folk-punk. Raw and unforgiving, AJJ formed in 2004 when founding members Sean Bonnette and Ben Gallaty started writing comedically macabre music together. Their frantic and fun style quickly got the attention of some record labels and they've since gotten onto multiple Billboard charts. Don't miss out on this show!

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