Jens Lekman delivers pure magic at The Mothlight

Jens Lekman delivers pure magic at The Mothlight image

This past Thursday night was a special one over at The Mothlight in West Asheville all thanks to Jens Lekman. The weather outside the venue was chilly and the air was filled with excitement. The sold-out show was already packed even before opener Peter Oren took the stage. People outside were begging for tickets because this was gonna be one of the best shows of the year and we all knew it.

The lineup for the night was two exceptionally talented guys from opposite ends of the Earth: Jens Lekman and Peter Oren. First up was Oren, coming to us from Indiana. His sound was definitely reflective of his American roots, with a steady and powerful vocal performance. His unique voice is really what sets him apart from other performers in his genre. All the classic midwestern sound of greats like Bill Callahan but with a genuine freshness. The crowd loved him and he loved them right back. 

Next up was Swedish Grammy award winner and all-around fantastic performer Jens Lekman. His following is nothing short of adoring and for good reason. Lekman has a way of drawing people in that is unparalleled both lyrically and with his stage presence. Standing up on stage with only a small guitar and a drum machine, he sent the crowd into fits of pure joy all night. Playing oldies like "Black Cab" and "A Postcard to Nina", he satisfied die hard fans thoroughly. He also worked in total gems like "How We Met (The Long Version)" and "What's That Perfume That You Wear" from his latest album Life Will See You Now.

The audience was jumping and grooving to the seamless loops Lekman was crafting on stage and it felt like an actual party the whole set. The eager crowd wanted more and more and Lekman obliged with a generous two encores. When all was said and done, the packed Mothlight emptied and we all walked down the surprisingly snowy sidewalk into the night. Everyone was smiling knowing we just saw maybe the greatest show of our lives.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide