It's time to get funky with Thundercat

It's time to get funky with Thundercat image

Steven Bruner, better known by his alter ego Thundercat, will bring his eclectic and groovy musical talents to The Orange Peel tomorrow night. Openers Saco & Uno and PBDY will kick the evening off and serve as the perfect appetizers to the main feast of funk provided by Bruner. For those unfamiliar with Thundercat, allow me to strongly urge you to not sleep on this.

Born in Los Angeles in 1984, Bruner was raised in a family of musicians. He's worked with a host of big names as a producer in addition to his personal music projects. His style is smooth, and his wide knowledge of jazz, soul, and funk allows him to craft songs that are technically fun to listen to in addition to just being plain danceable and enjoyable. 

It was only back in February of this year when Bruner put out his third studio album Drunk to widespread critical acclaim. Featuring collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Michael McDonald, Pharrell, and more, the album has a uniquely seventies vibe from start to finish that allows Bruner to play with the sound of soft cheesiness which permeated that era. Let me reiterate: don't sleep on this!

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