Foxygen goes glam at The Orange Peel

Foxygen goes glam at The Orange Peel image

Excited fans were streaming through the door of The Orange Peel this past Wednesday evening to see Foxygen play a heavily anticipated show. The California based duo dropped their most recent album Hang back in January of this year and are currently touring around the country. The event kicked off with Gabriella Cohen opening up and getting everyone in the music spirit. 

All the way from Australia, Cohen brought her brand of fuzzed out slacker rock to the Peel. The crowd vibed out to her jangly guitar and drawling vocals as she played songs off of her most recent release Full Closure and No Details. At the end of her set, she thanked the crowd for coming out and gave props to Foxygen for selecting her and her band as openers for the tour. 

After an intermission that felt too long due to all the excitement building in the room over the eventual emergence of Foxygen from backstage, the lights went down and it was showtime. Jonathan Rado was the first to walk out on stage along with the backing band, which included a killer horn section. Rado took his place at the white piano that was in the front of the stage and began an introduction ballad. 

After a minute or two of playing the ballad, lead singer Sam France strutted out on stage in sunglasses and a cream colored midrif shirt. Without hesitation, the group went right into "We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic,” the title song off of their 2013 sophmore album of the same name. 

“San Francisco” and “Shuggie” followed right after the opening song and garnered some big cheers from the audience. France thanked Asheville for coming out and noted how it had been a long while since they played here. He also managed to compliment the crowd for being so happy and well behaved. 

The rest of the show was just pure energy and fun, with everyone in the venue dancing around and singing along. At one point Rado even stood up on his piano for a sweet guitar solo—does it get more rock and roll than that? I think not.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide