Explosions In The Sky make their way to The Orange Peel

Explosions In The Sky make their way to The Orange Peel image

The godlike hype that surrounds Explosions In The Sky speaks volumes to the power and energy that the Texas based band possesses. Founded in 1999 under the name Breaker Morant, the four piece post-rockers have gone on to put out some of the most interesting releases in modern music. Asheville will be graced with their musical talents this Saturday evening for a sold out show at The Orange Peel with Thor & Friends.

From film scores to film trailers, TV shows to video games—Explosions In The Sky have done it all with their emotional musical compositions. Purely instrumental and referred to by the group themselves as “cathartic mini-symphonies,” the layered and dreamy sounds the band is known for transcend the instruments in which they are emitted from. 

Opening the show is avant-garde trio Thor & Friends, the side project of Swans percussionist Thor Harris. The act's self-titled debut album dropped at the end of last year and consists of aural journeys through soft and textural soundscapes. Relaxing and meditative, yet also busy and frantic—this should be the perfect opener for the exciting night of live music.  

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Press Photo by Explosions In The Sky