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Holden Mesk, writer for Asheville Music Guide, chatted with CeeLo Green on Wednesday about his upcoming Love Train tour that is set to sweep the East Coast starting next month. CeeLo had lots to say about the inspiration for his new album, balancing fame and family, and his love for Asheville.

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Asheville Music Guide: Hey CeeLo! How're you doing?
CeeLo: Great bro, how about you?

AMG: I'm good, I'm good! Thank you so much for doing this interview with Asheville Music Guide!
CeeLo: Of course, no problem!

AMG: So your Love Train Tour kicks off next week and you've got a crazy lineup of shows here on the East Coast, how excited are you to do this tour?
CeeLo: (laughs) I'm very excited! You know, the excitement starts as we're inching closer and closer to my first tour date which of course is in Washington, DC. I'm really excited to meet and greet with some old friends and old fans, and meet some new ones.

AMG: Yeah totally, man! I'll definitely be at your show in Asheville. Why do you think the fans should be excited?
CeeLo: Well, I feel very fortunate to know that I still have fans there, because it's been awhile, it's been so long since I've been to Asheville. The last time I was there, I was with B.O.B. when he was young and up and coming, and look what's come of his career and mine as well. So you know, we've grown so much since the last time we were in our related states, if you will.


AMG: Now tell me, this is the first tour you're embarking on since you released your new album Heart Blanche last year, right?
CeeLo: Yeah!

AMG: Awesome! So how do you think this tour will differ from past ones? Great new album by the way.
CeeLo: Thank you so much. Y'know, it's different because of the way that we have kind of signified the places we want to go and travel to historic venues and the kind of related states where I feel like my extended family lives. Like Asheville, South Carolina, Mississippi, New Orleans, and of course Atlanta—so basically like, coming in and having family reunions all over everywhere. That's what is special to me.

AMG: Yeah, the family reunion aspect, totally. Playing a concert is a lot like a family reunion anyways, just good vibes and having fun.
CeeLo: Absolutely.

AMG: Well cool, I also wanna say that I really like the Love Train theme of the upcoming tour, what inspired that?
CeeLo: Oh yeah, well, Love Train is just like a way of coming through with a lot of love to share, just showing love, and acknowledging each other. Being kind and affectionate, y'know, dancing and unifying each other. Having good music and having good vibrations as far as community is concerned, it's all over a good, wholesome thing. It's also that retro introspection of just going back, so we can go forward.

AMG: Right on. Speaking of your new album, the production is so crisp and groovy. What did you set out to accomplish when recording it?
CeeLo: Well, definitely at that point it had been a long five years that I had not released any new music and I just really wanted to do more of a showcase to show that I was still able bodied and able minded. I wanted to put out an album with soul and sentiment, with sincerity. I just felt that the album needed to say that and needed to make those statements. And of course entertain you as well! I think that I succeeded at the both.

AMG: Yeah, I think it's a really solid album.
CeeLo: Yeah, and it's more material in the discography, and it's the least I can do! I've recorded so much music for the album, I'm gonna start releasing new music every week this month of March as we're touring, just letting people know what I might have in store. I'm at no loss for new music and I really want to accelerate the output.

AMG: Heck yeah! Now when you're not in the studio, what're some of your favorite things to do when you have downtime?
CeeLo: So when I have some downtime, y'know it goes both ways—chill with my kids, they come to where I am whether that be Las Vegas or Los Angeles or wherever. Or I come to Atlanta because we still have a family home there, I have a ranch in Atlanta because I am a country boy at heart. We get together and just try to really relax, because when we're out in the world—and this is not a bad thing—but they end up still trying to share me with everyone. The world wants pictures and autographs and it is what it is, and I'm a people person and don't want to let anyone down, but I also don't want to let my family down either. Sometimes it's best to just stay in and watch Netflix or something.

AMG: I feel that, Netflix is where it's at! Now I wanted to ask too, since you're going to be on the East Coast and hanging out in the South, do you have any favorite restaurants that you're looking forward to hitting up?
CeeLo: You know what, let me see, I guess there are a few—but then again I am coming to discover some new things too. And see that’s part of the problem, it’s been that long. When I see you at the show I want you to grab me and say “hey man, I want you to take me out to eat at so-and-so’s.”

AMG: Haha, yeah 12 Bones! Best BBQ in Asheville. Now speaking of Asheville, what do you think of the city?
CeeLo: Asheville, North Carolina to me—without the total eradication of a civilization—it kind of reminded me of Pompeii a little bit, (laughter) it gets really smoky. Y'know what I mean? Does that make sense what I'm saying?

AMG: (laughter) I think I get what you mean, I've lived here for 10 years. I know what you're saying!
CeeLo: It's beautiful and it's quiet, I love the rural south and I love unadulterated land. Just nature and beauty and serenity, it's just one of those places. I'm one of those guys, where life is so hectic so I live way out in the country, and again in fact, I'm just a nature boy. It's just beautiful and a work of art of nature and landscape.

AMG: Definitely man, and in closing, what do you want to tell the people of Asheville before they come to your show at the Orange Peel on March 2nd?
CeeLo: I wanna tell people to bring their heart and souls, their open minds and open arms, and put on their dancing shoes!

Catch CeeLo Green at the Orange Peel on March 2nd.

Note: Interview has been paraphrased and transcribed by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide.

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