Dinosaur Jr. is far from extinct

Dinosaur Jr. is far from extinct	 image

Last Tuesday night at The Orange Peel could probably be heard all the way in the far reaches of outer space, Dinosaur Jr. was in town and they're not afraid to turn the volume up to 11 and crank out the jams. Openers Easy Action added to the night's intensity and got people rocking out way before J Mascis and pals even took the stage.

Folks were sprawled out but eventually began to huddle around the front of the stage when Easy Action came out for their set. Frontman John Brannon is a cult icon in the hardcore scene and the mood in the venue was still as he menacingly took his place at the helm. What followed after was raw aggression and satisfying riffs from all members of the band, but especially Brannon who dominated on vocals. 

They kept up their high energy for a long while before retiring backstage for the night, the crowd cheered loudly as they began breaking down their stage setup. Now it was time to patiently wait for the main course of the night! In between the stage hands and roadies doing their thing, a majestic head of long grey hair was seen walking behind the speakers—it was J Mascis of course, and the audience went wild. 

It wasn't too long after the Mascis spotting that Dinosaur Jr. actually took the stage. A towering cocoon of amplifiers served as the nest for the man himself, while drummer Patrick Murphy and bassist Lou Barlow were comfy off to the side. After the initial bouts of hoots and hollers from the crowd, the band let loose into “Thumb” off of their fourth studio album from 1991 Green Mind.

It felt so good to hear the guys live, it was like a warm refreshing shower of unreal rock majesty. Everybody had the same glazed over look of disbelief that they were experiencing Dinosaur Jr. in person, their trance was only broken when the first song came to a close and it was time to clap. The rest of the night followed suit and just kept on being one relentless barrage of rockin' track after rockin' track. Good times, an encore, and then it was over. I think my ears are still ringing from the show but I can't wait for them to come back. 

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide