Dinosaur Jr. comes back to The Orange Peel

Dinosaur Jr. comes back to The Orange Peel image

Part band, part spiritual alternative rock experience – Dinosaur Jr. are legends in every sense of the word. Since 1984, J Mascis and pals have been melting the minds and ears of the music scene with their distinct sound and style of songwriting. Tomorrow night at The Orange Peel, they'll be playing a show with openers Easy Action that is going to be both fun and loud. Very fun. Very loud.

When looking at the most influential alternative bands of the nineties it's impossible to not talk about Dinosaur Jr. and their noisy, in-your-face (but not angry) approach to rock music. J Mascis is the lovable, long-haired mastermind behind it all and thanks to him the world is a much better place. Songs like “The Wagon” from their 1991 album Green Mind do all the talking for why Dinosaur Jr. get the love and praise that they so rightfully deserve. 

Opening band Easy Action have a cult following and have certainly earned the label of “special guests” by the venue's website. Frontman John Brannon and his brash, hardcore vocal delivery are raw and alive with energy due to him being a founding member of Negative Approach, a Detroit based hardcore punk band that is considered one of the pioneers of the genre. With the combination of Mascis and Brannon playing on one stage, it's a no-brainer to snag a ticket and see this one. Don't forget the ear plugs!

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Header Photo by Levi Walton