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Tuesday night Asheville will get a chance to see Lucius, a Brooklyn indie pop five piece that has risen to fame thanks to their infectious style of songwriting. Opening the show is Sam Evian, a fellow New Yorker known for keeping things on the mellower side of life. The Orange Peel will be hosting the two artists and is hopefully aware of how much dancing is going to happen.

Lucius formed in 2005, but it wasn't until their 2013 album Wildewoman that the music world took note. Rolling Stone hailed them as “the best band you may not have heard yet,” NPR gushed over their “charisma and charm,” and The New York Times praised their “luscious, luminous, lilting lullabies.” All five members bring their musical chops to the table and the end result is creative, catchy, and flat out fun.

Sam Evian is the evening's opener and just dropped his debut album Premium towards the end of last month. A love of vintage instruments and an affinity for the sounds of the sixties and seventies, Evian (real name Sam Griffin Owens) spends time producing when he's not making music of his own. His laid back songwriting style feels minimalist, yet at the same time spacious and deep. 

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