The chillest of vibes

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This Friday night at The Meadow at Highland Brewing, Phantogram and Tycho are playing a show together that is sure to be a summer defining concert for the Asheville area. The two electronic acts have been in the game for a good deal of time now and should serve as the perfect musical pairing to each other at the outdoor show. 

The evening will start with a set by Tycho, the ambient electronic music project led by Scott Hansen. Hansen's music is as energetic and hyper as it is chill and downtempo, with swirling arrays of synths, drums, and guitars all coming together to form otherworldly musical compositions. His most recent album Epoch came out last year and proved that Hansen hasn't lost his magic since his first album back in 2004.

Where as Tycho brings the chillness, Phantogram provides the edge. The electronic rock duo from upstate New York have a big and brash sound that permeates your ears in such a way that before you know it you're already nodding along to the music. The success of their 2009 hit “When I'm Small” brought Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter's music project to new heights, and they haven't stopped moving up since. Don't miss this show, Asheville! 

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Press Photo by Tycho & Phantogram