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I got a chance to speak with Andrew Oliver from the psychedelic folk-rock band Brother Oliver, which is a music project that he and his brother Stephen started back in 2011. The brothers have a big show this Thursday evening at ISIS Music Hall along with Triptych Soul that will mark the start of their East Coast tour. To make things even more exciting, the day after the show their self-titled third album comes out for all the world to hear! Get yourself  acquainted with Andrew below and make sure to come on out to ISIS Music Hall this Thursday night to show your love and support.

Hi Brother Oliver! Thank you so much for doing this interview with Asheville Music Guide. We're really excited to have you back in town and playing a show at ISIS Music Hall with Triptych Soul. What're y'all most looking forward to about this upcoming show?

I think the show at ISIS is going to be great for a lot of reasons. It’s a beautiful room we’ve never played before and we’re on a bill with a band that’s making some incredibly innovative music. It’s also the kick off show for the tour, so we’ll be full of energy!

So the day after you play here in town you get right back on the road and head to Athens, GA for another show—but that's also the same day your new album drops! Can you tell me a little bit about how you guys are feeling about your self-titled third album and shed some light on the creative process behind it?

We’re thrilled with how the new record has turned out! It’s really something that’s been years in the making.  It’s the magic 3rd record, not too hot, not too cold. The porridge is just right. 

As far as the creative process behind the record, we wanted to go for something as organic-sounding as possible, but still with a high level of studio precision and quality. We felt like our older records sounded too polished at times. So this time around there was a lot more recording and re-recording, especially with vocals—experimenting to find that perfect balance of ‘in the moment’ verses ‘in the studio’. The final product sounds like a performance rather than a recording I guess you could say. To me, I feel like we finally put our finger on it.  

If you had to pick a favorite song off the upcoming release which one would it be? My personal favorite is probably “What Will Be Will Be” just because of the high-energy that the whole track possesses.  

That’s a great question. The chorus on “What Will Be Will Be” is probably my favorite. As far as a message, “Maybe” is probably my favorite. It most clearly puts into words the message we’re trying to convey in our music. “Prime Lighting” is probably our favorite to play live. 

So your genre is psychedelic folk-rock, and I think it's very fitting! But I was curious who some of your influences are that led you to make the music that you're now making? 

It’s kind of funny looking at the progression of our sound. We play a style of music that you might not expect to see coming out of the instruments we use—and I like that shock factor. Our influences are so scattered, ranging from Maynard Ferguson jazz to Jack White-thick guitar riffs, to indie ballad rock such as Death Cab for Cutie. We’ve been genuinely experimenting with our instruments for years and have landed in this place that feels truly unique. 

Now for the super important question: what are the chances that at this show we'll see a special surprise appearance from your side project, Nigiri Fury?

I wish we could! I guess the cat is out of the bag. There is only one track that we have finished from that project…and it’s absolute flame. 

When you guys aren't in the studio making music, what are some things y'all like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my wife as much as I can. She’s so patient with all of the traveling and running around. I love spending time with friends and meeting new people, and Stephen would second that. Our big mission with our music is to try and provide something that hits home for people in a personal way, that inspires them work a little harder at the things they love. Spending time with people and hearing their ideas, struggles, passions—that’s time we love to spend.  

Is there anything else we should know about you guys or anything else you'd like to add?

We’re going to be playing this record out on the road for a bit and really hope to impact some folks in a positive way. To anyone who sees / hears us at shows, we hope you see the mission as real and something we’re all a part of.  Try and be creative as much as possible, pursue your passions, and think new thoughts daily. 

Awesome! Well thanks again for doing this interview and we'll see you real soon at ISIS Music Hall with Triptych Soul!

Thanks for speaking with us! We’re looking forward to August 24th!

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