Car Seat Headrest play The Grey Eagle

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With enough buzz around them to generate electricity for a small town in the middle of nowhere, Car Seat Headrest put on an excellent performance Saturday night at The Grey Eagle. The show nearly sold out, and the packed venue was every bit of excited as could be. Kids and adults alike came together as one, thanks to the night having no age restrictions.

The Lemon Twigs were the first to take the stage when the clock struck showtime. Electric face paint, loud style, and epic rock ballads took over the venue. Brian and Michael D'Addario are the brothers who founded the slightly psychedelic and simply rockin' band that is now signed to 4AD. Michael D'Addario was the star of the performance as he literally jumped and rolled his way around the stage.

Big rounds of applause rang through the crowd when The Lemon Twigs closed their set. Now it was Car Seat Headrest time, and the jam packed venue was ready to rock. The lights dimmed and solely illuminated the stage as a casually dressed Will Toledo walked out on stage. He was met with cheers as he went into a slow burner of a song to get the performance started.

After the ritualistic opening, the rest of the band joined him onstage and played the hits. They sounded right on the money as they went through their large catalog of releases. In between songs, the drummer read off some fan's questions to Toledo, and in case you were wondering his favorite Kanye album is The Life Of Pablo.

Before everyone knew it the encore was happening and the show was coming to a close. They thanked the crowd for being so nice and then retreated off the stage. After standing shoulder to shoulder in the dark Car Seat Headrest dream of The Grey Eagle, the noticeably colder, Summer is ending weather of the Saturday night air was refreshing as ever.

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