Can you dig it?

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The air always hangs heavy with anticipation before a concert, the walls abuzz with the looming excitement of the show to come. That's exactly how it felt this past Tuesday night at The Orange Peel for Digable Planets’ debut show in Asheville—except maybe times ten, this was their reunion tour after all.

The crowd that was building for the show was a healthy mix of young and old folks alike, all together to enjoy the wonders of the nineties hip-hop scene. Camp Lo and Digable Planets playing together is the kind of show hip-hop fans dream about, so it's no wonder there were so many smiling faces.

As the clock ticked closer and closer to the 9pm starting time, it was easy to see that it was indeed a sold-out event. Camp Lo took the stage first, with slick hats and flashy gold chains no less. Their arrival was met with heavy applause as they went right into spitting their catchy, charismatic flows. Hands were in the air when they closed out their performance with their 1997 hit “Luchini (This Is It).”

The standard “in-between-performance-chatter” filled the room, which had now become almost exclusively shoulder-to-shoulder. Everyone felt like family though, good vibes all around. It wasn't until the lights dimmed when the vibes amped up even higher and the crowd cheered for Digable Planets’ big arrival.

They broke up in 1995 and now 21 years later they're on a tour that's stopped at The Orange Peel in our fair city—you sure they're not holograms!? Everyone was sure though, because they looked way too cool and composed to not be the real deal. The Peel lit up with screaming fans, it was time to experience the groove that Digable Planets are known for.

The next hour and a half flew by. Butterfly, Doodlebug, and Ladybug Mecca gave their all in the performance that is best described as feeling like one big hip-hop hug. People dancing and rapping along to the tunes made up the majority of the floor of The Orange Peel. The concertgoers were in the zone right there along with Digable Planets, seriously positive and happy.

All good things must end, and when the group expressed how cool they thought Asheville was before leaving the stage, it was hard to not feel a pang of post-concert sadness. In the end, the show was beyond “Cool Like Dat” and the experience of getting to see them here in Asheville is something to be remembered forever.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide