Brother Oliver and Triptych Soul rock ISIS Music Hall

Brother Oliver and Triptych Soul rock ISIS Music Hall image

The main stage at ISIS Music Hall was all Brother Oliver this past Thursday night for their show with Triptych Soul. The Greenville based brothers were kicking off their East Coast tour at the cozy West Asheville venue and looked cool as ever up on stage playing new and old songs alike. Their new self-titled album was coming out the day after and their excitement for the world to hear it was visible in their energetic performance. 

From a stomping foot tambourine to an electric mandolin—the brothers weren't messing around when it came to showing off their musical talents. Soulful lyrics layered with intricate instrumental arrangements punctured the cool air of ISIS and the intimate crowd was loving every second of it. The delicate dance of soulful and intricate is exactly what makes Brother Oliver's sound so special, it's classic yet very fresh. Their "psychedelic folk-rock" genre is very fitting in this regard.

After playing a killer setlist that got the crowd hoot'n and holler'n, the guys thanked everyone and said their goodbyes. Brother Oliver was now off to tour the east coast on their new album and win the hearts of everyone who happened to listen. It wasn't a sad goodbye though, because Triptych Soul came out right after and kept the good times rolling with their electric jams!

The local guys of Triptych Soul specialize in a fusion of classical, electronic, and jazz. All the genres meld together to make a seriously groovy sound that's worth dancing and vibing out to—which is exactly what the crowd of ISIS did. All in all, it was a super solid night of music that was as authentic as authentic can be.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide