Bonobo and Chrome Sparks get set to light up The Orange Peel

Bonobo and Chrome Sparks get set to light up The Orange Peel image

When it comes to making some of the most relaxing and rhythmic electronic music in the world, look no further than Bonobo. The Los Angeles based musician, producer, and DJ (real name Simon Green) has quite the track record when it comes to putting out consistently solid work. At tomorrow night's sold out show at The Orange Peel, fans and newcomers alike will get to experience it in person, with Chrome Sparks opening everything up. 

Back in January of this year, Green put out his sixth studio album to date as Bonobo entitled Migration. The album was the first full release from Green since 2013's The North Borders and received positive reviews across the board. It's easy to see why due to the fact that the whole album is chillout heaven, with lofty vocals and gripping electronic instrumentation. 

Opening up the night is Brooklyn's Chrome Sparks. The indie electronic project started by Jeremy Malvin back in 2010 has only grown in popularity. The success of his song “Marijuana” back in 2012 put him on the radar of many electronic music fans and the rest is history. Psychedelic and insanely deep, Malvin's music seems to have a mind all its own. 

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