Allah-Las get groovy at The Grey Eagle

Allah-Las get groovy at The Grey Eagle image

The Grey Eagle felt like a time machine on Thursday night, with the Allah-Las and The Babe Rainbow providing transportive sixties-riffic sounding tunes. At times throughout both band's performances, it felt as if you could be right in a cool club back in 1964. Nostalgia aside, both artists put on killer performances that won't be soon forgotten. 

Opening up the night was Australia's very own The Babe Rainbow. When the show got going at 9pm, the venue's whole atmosphere shifted toward the psychedelic side. A big factor in all of this was the fact that the members of the band were standing in front of projected circles of colors. Faaaar ouuuut. Energy levels quickly shot up to the moon as the first song of the night filled the air.

The driving force of the music didn't slow down and the band just kept on keeping on song after song. When the group went into their song “Evolution 1964” pretty much every one in the crowd could be seen bobbing around and feeling the music. With bongos and maracas galore, the crowd was loving every minute of it. 

The last song of The Babe Rainbow's performance saw Allah-Las frontman Miles Michaud come out and provide backup on the tambourine. Afterwards, the band said their goodbyes and walked off stage to a big round of applause. Now the wait for the main attraction began, and when the lights went up it became apparent that the venue had quickly filled up during the opener's set. 

With everything now all set up on stage for them, the Allah-Las got into position and greeted The Grey Eagle. Their signature sound permeated the room and the crowd got right into feeling the good vibes. Songs spanning their three studio album career made their way into the fun and varied setlist, and the dancing never seemed to stop. 

Jam after jam, the Los Angeles rockers never let up and sounded spot on. When the music was over and it was time to go home it really did feel like you had just gotten the chance to witness something really special and unique. Both bands better get back to Asheville as soon as possible!

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide