All hail Calvin Johnson

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Last week at The Mothlight was a holy night for all involved. Olympia, Washington native and icon of the DIY music scene Calvin Johnson blessed us with his presence on Wednesday night. Johnson earns his legendary status with decades of musical trailblazing. Calvin founded K Records, an important indie record label with early releases from bands like Beck, Modest Mouse, and Built to Spill. Johnson also found personal success in hugely influential bands like Beat Happening, The Go Team and The Halo Benders. 

There's no denying the guy's permanent place in independent music history, so of course everyone in the venue couldn't wait to see him perform live. Dressed in jeans and a plain blue button-up shirt, Johnson made his way onto the stage and immediately switched on some bumpin' electronic beats. His project Selector Dub Narcotic features bass heavy, funky dance music mixed with wild, stream of consciousness lyrics. If you weren't dancing, you weren't there.

The act itself wavers between nonsensical and silly to seriously heartfelt and genius. Jumping and dancing around the stage, he pumps up the crowd with songs like “Hotter than Hott” and “The Party's Over” as the backing music keeps the energy pumping.  His song “Every Woman” though, is a tender ode to femininity with relaxed backing beats to keep the vibe mellow. Johnson sings “every woman is beautiful, every woman has tears in her eyes, beauty marks left behind – apples fall from the sky” 

Overall his performance was everything everyone had hoped for and seeing the man himself in the flesh was an experience like no other. Godspeed Calvin Johnson, godspeed—thanks to you the party will never ever be over.

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Header Photo by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide