A$AP Ferg goes ham at The Orange Peel

A$AP Ferg goes ham at The Orange Peel image

The Trap Lord himself, A$AP Ferg, graced downtown Asheville this past Friday night with a sold out performance at The Orange Peel. Rainy and windy weather didn't deter the large line of people that extended out from the front doors of the venue before the doors opened. The line was a blurred mishmash of bucket hats, nineties windbreakers, and slick haircuts—the show's attendees were bringing their A-game.

After passing through beefed up security, which included a complimentary pat down, the floor of The Peel was abuzz with tangible excitement. Asheville was ready to turn up, even if a good majority of the crowd had X's on their hands.

The clock struck 9:30, the lights dimmed, and an opening DJ hyped up the crowd with snippets of Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar. The attendees lost it, with the floor literally bouncing up and down. If this was just the hype DJ, then it was clear that when it was Ferg's turn to hit the stage The Peel was going to explode.

Before it was Ferg time, up-and-coming rapper Madeintoyo played a couple songs to the amped up crowd. His popular track “Uber Everywhere” was the only semi-responsible anthem of the evening, encouraging people to take care of themselves and safely get home after going too hard.

Madeintoyo thanked the crowd and encouraged people to meet him over at the merch table, but the people were ready to see Ferg. A short amount of time after Madeintoyo walked off stage, the blindingly awesome light show clicked on and it was party time.

Looking like an angel of rap holiness, A$AP Ferg completely took over the venue and worked the crowd into a frenzy. Phones immediately shot up to document the once-in-a-lifetime-feeling energy (and bone rattling bass) that was flowing through the air. When fellow rapper Marty Baller emerged out onto the stage it pushed everything over the edge.

At the midpoint of Ferg's performance, he took time to honor the late and great A$AP Yams. Praying hands and lit lighters hung above the crowd, which was covered in a deep royal blue from the high quality light beams shooting from the stage. Once Yams was sufficiently honored, Ferg reached out to the audience to see if there were any songs they wanted to request. Solid move Fergenstein, solid move.

In the end, every hit was played and everybody left happy. Ferg gave his all to the crowd and showed a level of respect and care for the audience that is hardly seen from artists of his caliber. Even if he wasn't decked out in eight gold rings like Shabba Ranks, it's at least safe to say that he most definitely put in work.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide