Southern Pine EP Release w/ Jack Victor and Ellen Siberian Tiger

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Southern Pine EP Release w/ Jack Victor and Ellen Siberian Tiger

Southern Pine


Southern Pine is the musical project of guitarist and vocalist Zack Kardon. Originally from the Northeast, Southern Pine is now rooted in Asheville, NC. He has played with several nationally touring artists including Midnight Snack, Brie Capone and Carly Taich.

His compositions are subtle yet intricate- often layering many instruments and voices to create an ethereal soundscape that can support raucous guitar solos and delicate string arrangements alike.

Kardon’s songs are deeply personal statements. They don’t seek to describe or explain but simply hover- bottling the essence of a feeling before it evaporates into the ether of memory.

Ellen Siberian Tiger


Ellen Siberian Tiger is a 4-piece feminist indie rock band with orchestral and punk influences currently based in Philadelphia, PA

Jack Victor


Jack Victor is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Asheville, NC. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Victor fronted Midnight Snack, an art-pop band known for their expressive combination of folk, psych-rock, and indie-dance. In 2017, in an effort to expand his musicality, Victor began experimenting with the guitar for the first time. His most recent solo project was born out of this exploration. The songs are simple and raw, observing the human condition through the lens of a lover, a friend, a son, a stranger.