PATIO SHOW :: Josh Smith

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PATIO SHOW :: Josh Smith

Josh is from Knoxville, Tennessee where his band Handsome and The Humbles are beloved by the East Tennessee community. Smith began playing his songs with his band, Handsome and the Humbles in early 2014, creating a sound that has been described as "Garage Americana" and compared to Jason Isbell, John Mellencamp, and Uncle Tupelo. His songs, which are inspired by the people he's met and stories he's heard while growing up in East Tennessee, aim to introduce elements of Appalachian/southern culture that may cause the listener to think, "There's more to those people than I thought." He plays often in nationally recognized festivals such as Rhythm and Blooms, Bristol Rhythm & Roots and more! He just finished an acoustic Southwest tour the where he opened for three time Grammy nominated Americana-roots, band The Black Lilies. His second album he released this past year " We're All The Same", with his band Handsome and The Humbles has really picked up some great reception by both audiences and critics alike!

"It would be easy to think that “We’re All the Same,” the new album by Handsome and the Humbles, is a collection of those stories, filtered through Smith’s keen eye of observation and the band’s deft musical chops that fit the prototypical Americana mold. But that’s too simplistic: These are songs written by a soul that’s older than the years of the body that carries it, played by a group of guys who have grown as instrumentalists into a capable ensemble that renders each track with the sort of nuance necessary to embolden the message. This isn’t your prototypical three-chord country-rock, nor is it a rehash of 2016’s “Have Mercy.” In these troubled times, when division and discord pass for normalcy and disagreement has become a yawning chasm of separation, “We’re All the Same” embraces the idea that hope can bridge that gap.

“It’s about feeling uncomfortable, and realizing we all feel that,” Smith says. “It’s about recognizing that we all feel these things we may never talk about.”

- review-Steve Wildsmith