PATIO SHOW :: Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble

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PATIO SHOW :: Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble

The Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble, the cultural arm of Black Workers for Justice, has been organizing in communities and workplaces for more than thirty years now. It’s been more than thirty years (30) of writing songs and creating music from Black, oppressed people and workers’ struggles! More than 30 years of performing, inspiring, educating, and raising funds for the freedom and workers rights struggles in the South – in particular!

Through various musical forms including gospel, reggae, rhythm and blues, jazz, protest, folk, work songs, chants, hip hop, spoken word, latin flavor and many others, Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble has carried on our peoples struggle and working class tradition, history culture and legacy.

The Ensemble’s latest recording (CD) of music, chants, and songs, “STATE OF EMERGENCY”, speaks to the unfolding historical challenges of war, women’s oppression, youth and our peoples history of fighting oppression and racism. It also speaks to the need to continue workplace organizing to … “Unionize the South” and to build solidarity as a necessity -- not an act of charity!

Accepting donations for Clean Water for NC.