MemoryCare Benefit Concert featuring Several Dudes, Skinny Legs and All, and Mia Green

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MemoryCare Benefit Concert featuring Several Dudes, Skinny Legs and All, and Mia Green

Several Dudes


Several Dudes has been keeping time since its formation in the late 1980’s, playing throughout the years in and around Atlanta. This will be their second ReAnimation after a 25 year hiatus.The band includes Jonas Goldstein on guitar and vocals, Nick Stevens on guitar and vocals, Kevin Green on drums and vocals, Dave Pretlow on bass and vocals, Devon Engel on bass, Barry Richman on guitar, Victor Rosenfeld on percussion, and Nick Longo on alto saxophone.

Skinny Legs and All


Skinny Legs and All – rocking Western North Carolina’s from 2008-2013 with originals and youthful renditions of classic Blues, Funk, & Soul. With accolades for years in the Mountain Xpress, founding members and representatives of Southern Fried Blues Society in Memphis for the International Blues Challenge Youth Showcase, multi-year performances at Bele Chere, Leaf, Springin the Blues festival (one of the largest and oldest blues festivals on the East Coast) and 2 successful original albums, Skinny Legs and All is ReAnimating for a 5 year reunion performance! The band includes Jesse Barry on vocals, Paul Chelmis on keys and vocals and harmonica, Colin Hanson on drums, Avi Goldstein on bass and vocals, and David Cate on guitar and vocals.

Mia Green


Atlanta native, Mia Green, brings her style to the music world with bold pop country tunes that appeal to audiences of all ages. With influences ranging from The Beatles to Brandie Carlile, KT Tunstall, Taylor Swift and Sugarland, Mia’s songs will grab you and keep you singing them over and over.
Her debut album “Sun & Moon” (Feb. 2017) was recorded at Kristian Bush’s Projector Room studio with Brandon Bush as guest keyboardist and Tom Tapley as engineer. The band includes Matt Chenoweth, Kevin Green on percussion and Dave Pretlow on bass.