Leap & Laugh! With Connie Regan-Blake

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Leap & Laugh! With Connie Regan-Blake

Connie Regan-Blake


Connie Regan-Blake is one of America’s most celebrated storytellers, transforming a packed theater into an intimate circle of friends with an irresistible blend of humor, wisdom and spontaneity. She has captivated the hearts and imaginations of listeners all across the globe with her powerful performances and workshops.

Entertaining audiences in 48 states, 18 countries and six continents so far, Connie brings the wisdom and humor and drama of stories to Main stage concert halls, schools, festivals, libraries and into the corporate world. Her Appalachian tales and true life adventures engage listeners from all walks of life.

Recently, the Library of Congress granted Connie the honor of an archival collection in her name. The United States’s National Library now houses the “Connie Regan-Blake Collection” which consist of papers, sound recordings, videos, photographs and artifacts documenting her trailblazing 40+ year career as well as her roll in the birth of the American story telling revival.