Jacks River Band

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Jacks River Band

Genre: Funk/Rock/Jam
Show: Jan 18 10PM
Suggested: $5 Donation at Door
Ages: 21+

Known for their funky blues-rock style and extended improvised jams, Jacks River Band performs with an undeniably contagious energy. Their improvisational funkadelic rock sound features a hard hitting rhythm section, gut-busting guitar leads, and soul soothing vocals. Drawing on legendary influences such as The Allman Brothers Band, Red Hot Chile Peppers, The Grateful Dead, and The Derek Trucks Band, Jacks River Band delivers a uniquely blended sound that pushes the boundaries of blues rock, yet still remains familiar.

web: https://jacksriverband.com/

vid: https://youtu.be/H9B_tX6f78s