Flying Buffaloes

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Flying Buffaloes

Flying Buffaloes represents the essence and energy of the current musical climate in Nashville; the converging of the traditional country honky-tonk mentality with the new wave of gritty East Nashville rock & roll. They made their debut with Taking Off (2017), a 5-song EP with songs from each of the three lead singers. The combined vocals of Jordan Harazin, Barry Stone, & Johan Stone are reminiscent of The Eagles, with Beatles-esque harmony, while drummer Danny Pratt and lead guitarist Tommy Leland support rhythmically with a swampy, Rolling Stones-meets-CCR groove. Flying Buffaloes have been touring relentlessly in support of Taking Off and have their sophomore album due for release in Spring 2018. Ross Livermore is a singer. More accurately, Ross Livermore is a SINGER. More accurately still, Ross Livermore has the kind of transcendent voice that silences rooms.

Not that he would admit any of this. The son of entrepreneurs and raised in blue-collar Peabody, Massachusetts, Livermore is no stranger to hard work, learning from an early age that “if you practice, put the time in and are honest with yourself, the music will find its rightful place.” It’s no surprise, then, that on Livermore’s latest EP, This Is Not Forever, he reveals a collection of songs that are brazenly honest and infused with a confidence born from years on the road. These early shows allowed Livermore to explore his full range of influences- from Incubus to Boyz II Men to Al Green- and it wasn’t long before the pursuit of new songs and stories led him to Nashville, TN.

Featuring an all-star band and recorded live to tape at Nashville’s famed Welcome to 1979, This Is Not Forever effortlessly combines ethereal soul-pop, classic R&B and Tedeschi/Trucks inspired blues. Like many of his heroes- Stevie Wonder chief among them- Livermore accomplishes the near impossible feat of channeling weight-of-the-world sensitivity through his powerful tenor while also maintaining steadfast hope and optimism.

“Put your money down and bet on me” encourages Livermore in the instantly memorable All About You. Embodying a consciousness transmitted from a more golden era, This Is Not Forever showcases a troubadour at the top of his game.

-- Trevor Larkin Jaeger Wells is shaping the format of today’s true rock and roll format by bringing acoustically driven pop storylines to life. He masters the art of bridging personal triumphs and experiences into songs about heavy subject matters but with a twist. You’ll only find upbeat and bright songs from Jaeger Wells, his style is to encourage others to see past the difficulties for a better outcome.

With an Ed Sheeran meets The Maine singer/songwriter meets true rock and roll, Jaeger Wells doesn’t have a true genre, in fact his style combines a multitude of difficult yet complex musical styles. Wells explores further, “my music really falls into the punk rock Neil Diamond category. While it isn’t theatrical like Panic at The Disco! or Say Anything - it still has an unhinged element of grandeur to it.