Dangermuffin and Fireside Collective!

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Dangermuffin and Fireside Collective!



Charleston, SC’s Dangermuffin is an eclectic quartet that weaves lyrical themes of sea, sun, and spiritual connection with Americana, Island influenced, Folk and Jam grooves. The band’s live show swims between tasty acoustic, and rockin’ electric sounds.

On the band’s 6th and latest release, ‘Heritage,’ Dangermuffin reaches into their creative arsenal to craft an album showcasing the band’s signature coastal-influenced grooves mixed with Americana sensibilities and Appalachian fingerpicking. The album’s lyrics contemplate the universal human connection to our ancestors, ancient traditions and symbols while yearning for humanity to get back to its roots. It is an audible showcase weaving introspective lyrics with catchy, nimble guitar riffs. Fittingly, the album’s soaring vocals were recorded in Charleston’s historic Unitarian Church, a National Historic Landmark built in 1772.

Fireside Collective


Hailing from the musically rich Blue Ridge Mountains, Fireside Collective is an up-and-coming newgrass outfit that has exploded on the national roots music festival scene. Just like their home city of Asheville, NC, Fireside Collective is a unique brew of bluegrass, jazz, jam, and funk. With mandolin, banjo, dobro, and acoustic guitar layered eloquently on top of rock-solid stand up bass, Fireside pays homage to the roots of bluegrass while also effortlessly exploring the future of mountain music.