Barnes, Sipe, Seal, & Thorin

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Barnes, Sipe, Seal, & Thorin

Barnes, Sipe, Seal, & Thorin


It’s with great joy and anticipation that we are telling you about this new project we got cooking. The band features, Jeff Sipe, Eric Thorin and Mike Seal, and myself, Danny Barnes. I met Jeff when he was in Leftover Salmon, when I was in bad livers; we done quite a few shows together. My basic take away from our experiences together: Jeff Sipe is the greatest musician that the jam world [or whatever you would respectfully call that] has ever produced. He is a true master musician [there are very few]. I’ve heard stories of when he was in the ARU with Col. Bruce, that musicians would line the backstage listening to what he would do, especially the drummers. Really no one I’ve ever played with has his highly developed sense of melody/rhythm/playfulness. To give you an idea of his depth, he’s on the road right now with John Mcglaughlin.

My good friend Eric Thorin is a true master. Strangely and as popular as bass is, you don’t hear all that many cats that have the depth of understanding of the actual role of bass in orchestration like he does. I’ve spent a LOT of time playing with Eric: He was the best soloist when we were on tour together! Eevery night I couldn’t wait for his solo to come up [the leader didn’t give him hardly any]. Really, his 16 bars (or whatever in the middle of the set) was the greatest thing ever, and he did something different every night and it was always killer diller no filler.

Mike Seal I have not had the pleasure of playing with YET. But i’m greatly look forward to this, as i’ve been watching videos of him and researching and again, this guy is a total master of the guitar! Obviously there’s oodles of information on all these guys.

Although I typically perform solo with my banjo, I have recorded stacks of records with full backing bands of various luminaries like Bill Frisell, Chuck Leavell, Matt Chamberlain and so forth, but I rarely get the chance to tour with a big full-on-BAND. I have about 8 records of songs in this format, so I reckon material-wise, we may start there – hardee har.

See, what we want to do as a group is, raise the bar as high as we can with music itself, with whose purpose is the alleviation of the suffering of daily life; as well as to encourage others to think and to challenge them and so forth. If musicians are allowed to kind of drive things, something really cool always happens, especially when you get to play with the caliber of players like Jeff, Eric and Mike.

Music is good! We’re all pulling for you, and we’re all in this together!